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The I love Accra sign is located in the busy town of Osu. It is definitely insta-worthy and a must do photo op.  I once heard someone say that Osu reminded them of a typical beachside town. Of course my idea of a beach town was what I had experienced in California. I didn’t see it. I saw Osu in a different light. Back then I was living and working in Accra. I went to Osu for the night life and not much else. Over the years I have come to appreciate its historical significance and its pulsating heartbeat which can be felt in the day or night.

Standing in the middle of Osu surrounded by many aspects of Ghanaian culture it is difficult to imagine that it was once a colonial  town. It was called Danish Osu. Even before Danish Osu was established, there was already a local community in the area. Osu has some remnants of its colonial past such as the Osu Castle but today it is a vibrant urban hotspot. If someone is visiting Ghana for the first time and ask to go where there is action, Osu is the answer. Some of my friends were born and raised in Osu and they have a more holistic view of it. They went to school and church there and still do. They are now raising their own family there. So it is not all about the nightlife and shopping. It is all about perspective and experiences.

There is a famous parable about blind men that are asked to describe an elephant. They all have different descriptions based on which part of the animal they touched. The moral of the parable is that people tend to claim absolute truth based on their limited and subjective experiences. Five people can go to the same place and have different experiences. This is one of the reasons that I love travel and tourism. Even when someone shares that they had a terrible experience it is best to go and see for yourself. Keep an open mind and go into the world and explore. As we like to say in this part of the world, shine your eyes. Your prior experiences will shape your perspective but you will be changed as well. Accra is as diverse as the parts of an elephant. No matter which parts you experience during your visit, it will be rich and authentic. I love Accra and hope that you will too.